Flightbeam Releases Portland for Microsoft Flight Simulator

September 22, 2020

Following on from the developer’s previous release of Denver for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Flightbeam has released their Portland for the new simulator. 

The rendition of Oregon’s largest airport features the all new Flightbeam Contrail installation system, alongside high quality ground polygons using techniques native to MFS.

The product is a conversion of their already existing Portland for P3d and X-Plane, although the product is said to have undergone a large “makeover” to enhance the product to take advantage of many new technologies brought forward by the sim.

Some features of the scenery said to have been reworked include “[full] PBR materials, custom groundwork, and immersive night lighting”.

The full feature list for the scenery is as follows:

  • The first iBlueYonder product for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Features the new Contrail installation system.
  • All materials reworked for full PBR support
  • Uses native MSFS techniques for high-detail ground polygons
  • Night lighting fully reworked for stunning after-hours graphics
  • Includes real-world static aircraft at gates
  • Optimized for excellent performance

Flightbeam’s Portland for Micrsoft Flight Simulator is available to purchase for $14.99 on the Flightbeam Website.

The X-Plane version of the scenery is also currently on sale, bringing the price down to $19.50.

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