Bear Studios Releases MiG-15bis for Microsoft Flight Simulator

March 5, 2023

Earlier this week, Bear Studios released their rendition of the MiG-15bis fighter for Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing to the community an unique Cold War era Soviet fighter outfitted with detailed models and animations.

According to the developers, the plane is created using real flight manuals of the MiG-15B, as well as reports filed by the United States Air Force. Bear Studios’s MiG, which will be VR compatible, will feature a cockpit that is fully interactive, in depth system, high quality external/internal textures, and lighting effects.

The MiG-15, developed by the Soviet Union, is one of the first jet fighters in the world to employ a swept wing design. The fighter saw great success during the Korean War and was later used as the base design for the more advanced MiG-17. The MiG-15bis was a late variant that came equipped with a better performing engine that greatly improved the plane’s  thrust-to-weight ratio.

Currently, the plane can be purchased from the JustFlight webstore or SimMarket for $29.99, excluding any sales tax that may incur. The developers recommend users to have at least 690 MB of free disk space to successfully install the product.

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