Threshold Exclusive - Milviz Previews ATR 72-600 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

August 28, 2021
Samuel Leonard
nobody, apparently.

The team over at Milviz have today provided the Threshold team with exclusive previews of their long-awaited ATR for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The twin-engined turboprop is used primarily for short-haul passenger and cargo operations across the world and has many variants, from the -100 all the way to the current -600, as well as military and cargo variations. There were also special search and rescue, patrol and command centre variants for specific governmental use cases.

The Milviz rendition of the ATR 72-600 was previously announced for P3D, however, we can confirm that plans for the P3D version have now been back shelved, and the ATR will be primarily developed for MSFS only from here on out.

Further, the team have also confirmed to us that, for now, only the passenger variant of the aircraft will be developed, with potential for a freighter expansion in the future.

As you can see in the previews, only cockpit images have been given currently, however, the exterior work is well underway, although the team would prefer to keep the exterior private until it is in a showable state.

That being said, from the screenshots, it does look as if the aircraft is in a good state, with all systems being shown being functional, although not fully finished of course, and so discrepancies may be noticed with the real aircraft.

No price or release dates were given from the Milviz team at this time, however, for any future previews, check the new Milviz discord server or the Threshold discord server

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