Miltech Simulations Showcases CH47 Development Update

Miltech Simulations has provided a development update for their Boeing CH-47D Chinook. The update, which was posted to their Facebook page, highlights their recent focus on finishing the 3D model and texturing and also includes some new screenshots of the interior texturing. 

The CH-47D Chinook is a tandem-rotor transport helicopter first developed by Vertol in 1957 and later manufactured by Boeing. The CH-47D has a maximum take-off weight of 50,000 lbs and a range of 400 nautical miles. Production started on the CH-47 in 1962 and continues to this day. 

Miltech also noted some features to be expected upon release of the CH-47 including a fully modeled interior and exterior, multiple cargo types from Humvees to fully animated paratroopers, and a “comprehensive yet practical rendition” of the Chinook’s systems. Miltech has been very upfront about some systems being “for display only” due to Microsoft Flight Simulator’s limitations. Miltech also promises that an EFB will be included at launch. Another feature that was noted in the update is the inclusion of a soundtrack that is based on recordings from a Chinook. The update included a look at possibilities post-release including an expansion pack that would add other variants of the Chinook including the more modern ‘F’ variant. Currently, there is no release date set however Miltech states that PC users will see the release first with Xbox following shortly after. The stated reason for the planned delay is due to Microsoft's marketplace verification.

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