miniCockpit Releases 2024/2025 Roadmap

miniCockpit - best known for miniFCU, announced on their social media their 2024/2025 roadmap, and four new products as follow-up of the mini lineup: miniOVHD, miniRMP, miniECAM, and miniEFIS.

miniEFIS - EFIS panel with a small addition - Chrono button. The miniEFIS panel has knobs for range selector on ND, the knob for switching between NAV modes on ND, ADF-VOR select switches, Barometer Selector knob, and display, as well as FD and LS push-buttons.

miniOVHD represents a compact version of the Airbus overhead panel. According to miniCockpit, the controls were carefully chosen according to the Airbus SOP. The panel has an APU master switch, start and bleed buttons, seat belt sign, EXT PWR button, wiper knob, and light switches.

miniRMP is a unified communications and navigation panel, where you can control the comm frequencies, squawk code, and nav frequencies. It also features a switch where the user can change between COM1 and COM2, as well as VOR1 and VOR2.

Last but not least, miniECAM - an extended version of the ECAM Control Panel, with Master Warning and Master Caution buttons. It contains all the System Page buttons that control the Lower ECAM, along with CLR, RCL, EMER CANC, and TO CONFIG buttons.

The price and release date of new miniCockpit products isn’t known yet, but stay tuned, as Threshold will keep you updated!

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