MK Studios Releases LaGuardia Airport for MSFS

MK Studios has recently released LaGuardia Airport (KLGA) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which has been highly anticipated by the community. Located just 8 miles away from Midtown Manhattan, LaGuardia is the third busiest airport in New York. In 2023, the airport managed an impressive 369,393 aircraft operations and served just over 32,370,000 passengers, making it the twentieth busiest airport in the United States.

LaGuardia Airport was opened in 1939 and has undergone multiple name changes over the years. It started as Glenn H. Curtiss Airport, then became North Beach Airport, and was later renamed New York Municipal Airport-LaGuardia Field after being redesigned by the city of New York. In 1953, the airport was finally named LaGuardia Airport after Fiorello La Guardia, the former New York mayor. Over the years, the airport has seen many upgrades and improvements. In 2024, it won the Airport Service Quality Award and now serves a wide range of destinations with multiple airlines, including Delta, American, JetBlue, and more.

The recently released version of LaGuardia Airport features a highly accurate rendition of LaGuardia KLGA, detailed terminal interiors, VDGS, handcrafted 3D models, custom satellite imagery, elevation data, realistic lighting, and more.

The add-on requires a total of 1.93GB of storage space and is available on Contrail for roughly $16.17.

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