Mk-Studios Offers Overview of Product Developments for MSFS

September 18, 2020

A progress report has emerged from Mk-Studios, who has been busy developing scenery products for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Back in July, the developer revealed their decision to bring all of their airports to the new simulator, and earlier this month said they are partnering up with Orbx to distribute their products through their platform.

Progress on five airports was given starting with Dublin, which is expected to be released “within the next few weeks.”

Development on Keflavik can progress further thanks to the latest update of Microsoft Flight Simulator, allowing the developer to begin the exporting process.

For Helsinki, the developer is to compile the first test build in Prepar3D very soon, allowing testing to begin. Once complete, Mk-Studios will focus on the MSFS counterpart.

As for Fuerteventura, all buildings and groundwork is being scrapped in favour of making use of the new features in MSFS, but is now a work-in-progress.

Finally, Rome is in a very similar position to Helsinki, as described above.

More of their products are to follow, but some require the SDK from Microsoft to mature further for them to be successfully developed.

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Many thanks to Vinniethegreat in the Threshold Discord server for tipping us off with the news.

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