MOZA Unveils Flight Simulation Gear at FSExpo 2024

MOZA, known for their state-of-the-art direct-drive steering wheels, has recently entered the flight sim world by announcing a flight stick, force-feedback base, throttle, and rudder, aiming to bring flight simulation to a new dimension.

The AB9 Base will feature 9 Nm high torque dual servo motors, providing strong and direct force feedback, enhanced by a force feedback algorithm that aims to accurately replicate the feel of a real airplane, configurable via their own Cockpit Control Software. Its complete feature list follows below:

  • Force Feedback Algorithm: This proprietary algorithm ensures precise and realistic force feedback, giving pilots an authentic feel of the aircraft controls.
  • 9N·m Dual Servo Motors: High-torque dual servo motors deliver powerful and responsive feedback, enhancing the realism of flight maneuvers.
  • MOZA Cockpit Control Software: This software allows for comprehensive customization and fine-tuning of flight settings, ensuring a personalized flight experience for every user.
  • Aviation-Grade Aluminum Alloy Construction: Our products are crafted from high-quality materials and are built to withstand rigorous use while maintaining a sleek and professional appearance.
  • High-Resolution Encoder: Advanced encoder technology ensures smooth and precise control inputs, which are crucial for accurate flight simulation.
  • Compatibility with Leading Flight Sim Games: Our system seamlessly integrates with popular flight simulation titles like MSFS 2020, X-plane 12/11/10, DCS, IL-2, War Thunder, and more, ensuring an immersive experience across a wide range of platforms. 
  • Quiet and Seamless Design: Our fanless structure minimizes operational noise, enabling users to dive into their gaming experience without distraction. The sealed design not only reduces dust and particulate matter ingress but also extends the device's lifespan for sustained enjoyment. 
  • Universal Flight Stick Compatibility: Our system effortlessly works with flight sticks from all third parties, and optional accessories ensure smooth integration, showcasing MOZA's dedication to an open and inclusive ecosystem. 
  • Multiple Installation Options: The base provides flexible installation options like desktop clamping or mounting on a dedicated rig. This adaptability suits various usage environments and space constraints, effortlessly catering to users' personalized installation preferences. 
  • Endured Millions of Tests: All units have undergone over a million rigorous test cycles aimed at delivering a high-quality user experience.

The MH16 Joystick aims to replicate the controls of real fighter jets. Its aluminum alloy construction warrants sturdiness and reliability, and it has detachable modular components for maximum customizability. It also has 27 entirely customizable input signals and is universally compatible with third-party bases.

The MTP Throttle Panel and MTLP Landing and Takeoff Panel aim to replicate fighter aircraft controls with extended throttle travel, customizable detents, and thirty-five physical switches. They feature infinitely adjustable resistance, real-time airspeed feedback via a vibration module, and high-precision angle sensors. 

The MRP Rudder Pedals are adaptable to various aircraft types, from fighter jets to helicopters, offering maximum flexibility. 

Pricing information has yet to be made available, but Threshold will keep you posted! Please refer to their website for further info.

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