Magknight Previews Upcoming Update to 787

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Magknight has released multiple new photos in a preview of their next upcoming update to their Boeing 787 Aviator’s Edition. Included are multiple improvements to the modelling of the cockpit as well as a brand new Electronic Flight Bag, which will simulate the real operation of the EFB2 system in the cockpits of Dreamliners.

The update focuses mainly on 3D modelling and features in the cockpit. The post contains an extensive list of the many newly modelled features such as the side panel, Captain/FO seats and the HUD.

The full ‘rough’ list of the changes we can expect is below;

  • Added/completed side panels
  • Added closets and general rear area
  • Added dome roof
  • Subtly adjusted glareshield and other cockpit area shapes
  • Added/completed areas for light fixtures
  • Added/completed Captain/FO seats
  • Added/completed HUD
  • Added/completed "telephone line"
  • Added/completed nose wheel tiller
  • Finalized 3d of EFB area
  • Added AC vents
  • Added/completed more cupholders
  • Added/completed foot area for rudder pedals
  • Adjusted side/front window pillar thickness
  • Added compass area
  • Added fire extinguishers
  • Added emergency axe to break some crispy windows
  • Added/completed clippers
  • Added/completed document holder below the autopilot panel
  • Added/completed bolts below the autopilot panel
  • Added vents above the glareshield
  • Added a cup of coffee
  • Added/completed pen holders
  • Generated UVs for texturing

The development team also released plenty of photos of the refreshed cockpit. They have stressed, however, that the focus is ‘the modelling and not the texturing’ so all of the renders are without materials.

They also set out goals for themselves on what to include in the upcoming update, so in addition to the above, we can also expect the following;

  • Closet doors
  • Compass
  • Escape hatch finalization
  • Floor rails
  • Light fixtures
  • Gloves
  • Rear cockpit seats
  • Finalization of rear pedestal
  • Rudder pedals
  • Yoke
  • Floor finalization
  • Tray tables
  • Coat hangers
  • Glareshield finalization
  • Window outline/railings
  • Animations (buttons, tray tables, escape hatch, closet hanger physics, flight deck door, seats)
  • Textures (everything)

There is no official release date as of yet, with the update marked as coming out ‘soon’. In the meantime, check out the large v1.5.0 update they released last month! Previous articles about Magknight can be viewed here.

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