More Previews of Canada4XPlane's Quebec City Airport

Keizo Ono
Monday, February 3, 2020

Canada4XPlane, best known for their high quality freeware sceneries, has posted more previews of their upcoming Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport. Quebec is set to be their first independent payware airport, following a recent partnership with JustAsia.

Initially announced in mid-January, the upcoming airport will join the recent rapid growth of Canadian airports for X-Plane. With the announcement of Quebec also came news of a development shift; Canada4XPlane’s future projects be exclusive to X-Plane 11, with the developer citing the technological advancements over v10. 

Features of Canada4XPlane’s Quebec City International Airport include:

  • HD ground textures
  • 3D volumetric grass
  • Airport vegetation
  • All custom markings and taxiways
  • All custom ground and taxiway textures
  • Hand placed lighting and runway features
  • All custom buildings and airport facilities
  • Autogate jetway system
  • Dynamic lighting 
  • Photo realistic ground textures (Airport property only)
  • Compatible with Quebec VFR scenery (Freeware add on)
  • Static aircraft option (Freeware add on)

The estimated price of the airport is $23 USD. The airport also just entered into the beta testing phase, with the developer saying people should be on the look out for a release soon. 

The original announcement by Canada4XPlane can be found here. Previous articles about Canada4XPlane can be viewed here

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