More Progress on IXEG 737 Update

January 20, 2020

IXEG, developers of the highly popular Boeing 737-300 for X-Plane, has posted new updates regarding the development of the aircraft. Posted by developer Tom Kyler over on the X-Pilot forum, IXEG is busy working on the background items that will bring the aircraft up to the latest X-Plane standards. 

Kyler says that the assets of the aircraft are being converted to current standards using a tool from Ted Greene at Laminar Research. This tool is apparently of high importance to IXEG, as it will allow them to quickly respond to bugs as well as manage updates once it’s got them up to spec. 

The modern standards appear to be working well for IXEG, who just posted a short YouTube video of the cockpit, featuring new manipulators enabling scroll wheel support. “With modern tools comes modern features.” says Kyler. 

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