More Previews of Attitude Simulations San Antonio (KSAT)

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Last month, we reported that Attitude Simulations was resuming work on KSAT after nearly two years of silence since their last update near the end of 2017. Today, we received another update from the team, this time in the form of highly detailed jetway renders.

The developers of KSAT say that the jetways are “nearly complete” with the exception of a few more additional details.

San Antonio International Airport is eight miles north of downtown San Antonio, Texas. It has three runways and was a military airport until it was given to the city of San Antonio for commercial and civil use. Since then, it has grown to seeing approximately ten million passengers every year from airlines such as Southwest, United, and Delta.

Last month’s previews contained detailed images of the airport and its surrounding area which featured high quality textures and detailed buildings, bringing the KSAT area to life in X-Plane 11. Future updates on the scenery can be found on Attitude Simulation’s Facebook page.

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