Microsoft Releases New Beta Update for MSFS

November 17, 2022

Microsoft has recently updated the Microsoft Flight Simulator beta branch to version, fixing specific CTDs related to missing or malformed waypoint, VOR or NDB, along with a patch for the newly released IniBuilds A310-300 that includes improvements to the electronic flight bag, sound tweaks, improved intercept calculation methodology on all SIDs/STARs, and lighting fixes. The complete changelog follows down below:

General Bug Fixes

Several crashes have been fixed across the title

Fixed potential crash when requesting missing or malformed Waypoint / VOR / NDB

Guimbal Cabri G2 occluder has been improved to match the cockpit

Airbus A310-300


Parking Brake spelling fixed Some low-res textures improved on Base version


EFB - Added automatic METAR lookup based on To/From Airports

EFB - Auto-populate Wind, Temperature, Runway Condition and QNH from the METAR

EFB - Added manual METAR Search

EFB - Added ability to enter numbers on flight planning page, as well as sliders for PAX, cargo and fuel (Click the text)

EFB - Removed sound volume sliders

IFE - Fixed erroneous ETA to destination


Master audio control is now through in-game settings

Fixes to volume levels

Fixed AI A310 volume levels being too loud

Fixed AI A310 rolloff distance being too great

Fixed directionality of APU noise

Fixed audio at rear of cabin being too quiet

Tweaks to interior attenuation

Tweaks to engine sounds

Tweaks to engine/apu start sounds and their event cues

Tweaks to brake fan and packs system sounds

Adjustments to ground rolling audio


Hard coded aircraft type for external applications that were showing TT:

Fixed spelling error in trivia text

Chronometer tooltip fixed

ND Brightness tooltip fixed


WX radar switch fixed


Fixed Showcase QuickView4 under belly camera


Updated default livery ATC callsigns


Cockpit lights toggled with L key bind

Control Keybinds

AP commands can now be bound to default key commands


Xbox fixed need to press A twice to enter characters on the MCDU

Improved intercept calculation methodology on all SIDs/STARs

FO VOR gauge animation fixed

FMS Cruise Temp can now be edited

Numerous FMS crashes fixed

If you want to join the beta branch, refer to this guide. Stay tuned to Threshold for more flight simulation news!

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