Microsoft Releases Patch for MSFS

Microsoft has recently made patch available on the normal branch of Microsoft Flight Simulator, fixing several crashes, an issue with the Guimbal Cabri G2, and a potential crash when requesting missing or malformed waypoint, VOR or NDB, along with a major update to the iniBuilds A310-300, including improvements to the EFB and overall performance, texture fixes, revamped audio (including AI), mitigation of FMS crashes, and the Top of Descent now triggers when it should. 

The complete changelog follows down below:

General Bug Fixes

  • Several crashes have been fixed across the title
  • Fixed potential crash when requesting missing or malformed Waypoint / VOR / NDB
  • Guimbal Cabri G2 occluder has been improved to match the cockpit

Airbus A310-300

Known Issue

Accessing the secondary flight plan without a primary flight plan entered may cause the aircraft to lock-up.


  • Parking Brake spelling fixed Some low-res textures improved on Base version
  • Fixed flight deck cockpit sticker not moving with door
  • Fixed TRIM wheel & yoke textures
  • RAT is now animated (in cockpit only)


  • EFB - Added automatic METAR lookup based on To/From Airports
  • EFB - Auto-populate Wind, Temperature, Runway Condition and QNH from the METAR
  • EFB - Added manual METAR Search
  • EFB - Added ability to enter numbers on flight planning page, as well as sliders for PAX, cargo and fuel (Click the text)
  • EFB - Removed sound volume sliders
  • IFE - Fixed erroneous ETA to destination
  • Fixed OAT to return value not representation with live weather
  • Fixed wind direction being filled with VRB which is not processable


  • Master audio control is now through in-game settings
  • Fixes to volume levels
  • Fixed AI A310 volume levels being too loud
  • Fixed AI A310 rolloff distance being too great
  • Fixed directionality of APU noise
  • Fixed audio at rear of cabin being too quiet
  • Tweaks to interior attenuation
  • Tweaks to engine sounds
  • Tweaks to engine/apu start sounds and their event cues
  • Tweaks to brake fan and packs system sounds
  • Adjustments to ground rolling audio
  • Improvements on sound bus routing to allow for more volume control in settings
  • GPWS on the inside are now always sounding
  • Improvements on AI sound
  • Improvements on interior engine audio
  • Improvements on switch volume levels


  • Fixed SimBrief import
  • Fixed numerous FMS crashes
  • Fixed TOD triggering too early, linked to approach phase starting too early, and SPD lim too early
  • Fixed pressure system issue
  • AP staying connected even when less than VLS -10 (Option in EFB now, if set to ON then AP disconnects at VLS - 10) “In a flight AP stays on even when getting bellow 100KTS; After take-off AP cannot be switched on bellow 100KTS”
  • Fixed LW issue for imperial
  • Magnetic variation added to RMI
  • Enable SET AUTOBRAKE commands from MSFS settings for TCA Airbus quad
  • Fixed VOR frequency in ILS box
  • RSK a waypoint to VERT REV brings up VERT REV for the destination airport
  • INIT B is now saying ZFWCG instead of CG
  • Fixed pitot heat
  • Fixed an issue with right wheel brake on some hardware


  • Hard coded aircraft type for external applications that were showing TT:
  • Fixed spelling error in trivia text
  • Chronometer tooltip fixed
  • ND Brightness tooltip fixed
  • Switches
  • WX radar switch fixed
  • Cameras
  • Fixed Showcase QuickView4 under belly camera


  • Updated default livery ATC callsigns
  • Lighting
  • Cockpit lights toggled with L key bind
  • Control Keybinds
  • AP commands can now be bound to default key commands
  • Xbox fixed need to press A twice to enter characters on the MCDU
  • Improved intercept calculation methodology on all SIDs/STARs
  • FO VOR gauge animation fixed
  • FMS Cruise Temp can now be edited
  • Numerous FMS crashes fixed


  • (Systems) Fixed two SimProp Enums (AIType and AssistanceItemID)
  • (DevMode) Fixed the Wasm Debug window so that it does not provide wrong & irrelevant information for encrypted modules
  • (SimConnect) GetLastSentPacketId can now be used in SimConnect C# API
  • (Systems) Fixed ASSISTANCE_ITEM_AIR_MASS_FLOW_MODE insertion in AssistanceItemID SimProps enum

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on the Microsoft Store and on Steam, starting from $69.99, requiring at least 150 GB of free hard disk space to install.

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