Microsoft Releases Sim Update 14

Microsoft has released their latest Sim Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing with it many bug fixes, changes, and new features to the simulator.

The major new features in this update include new Assistance features with their new Flight Plan Assistance setting, as well as fixes to the Air Traffic Control systems, improving instruction logic and phraseology. Sim Update 14 also adds a new aircraft, the Cirrus SR22 G6, complete with avionics made in partnership with Working Title. However, this upgraded Cirrus is only available to customers who have purchased the Premium Deluxe upgrade for the sim.

Another significant change is the removal of the iniBuilds A320neo from the update. Initially promised to be slated for this update by Jorg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator in their September Dev Livestream, and included in the SU14 Beta, it is now absent. According to the Sim Update 14 patch notes, Microsoft explains that the reason behind the delay was that during testing they “encountered an application crash rate on console that is too high to pass certification.” Recently, the iniBuilds A320neo has come under fire from accusations that it stole code from the popular open-source A320neo made by FlyByWire, thus allegedly violating the General Public License. This change has left some users speculating whether the accusations of stolen code were the actual reason behind the delay.

Also included in Sim Update 14 are the changes to the atmosphere and lighting in the sim, as mentioned in Microsoft’s November Dev Livestream. These highly requested changes fix sky colors and make the atmosphere and horizon look more realistic. There have also been fixes to the snow coverage and icing systems and other changes to live weather.

As with all of the Sim Updates, there are a whole host of small tweaks and squashed bugs that are too many to list here, but you can find the full patch notes on Microsoft’s website here.

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