MSFS Antonov 225 Released

February 27, 2023

The flight sim world is abuzz with excitement following the release of the AN225 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The AN225 Mriya, which means "Dream" in Ukrainian, is the world's largest aircraft and has a fascinating history. The INI Builds team along with Microsoft Flight sim has meticulously recreated this sorely missed behemoth of the skies in stunning detail, giving players the chance to experience what it's like to fly this iconic aircraft.

The AN225 was originally designed in the Soviet Union in the 1980s as a heavy-lift transport aircraft for military and civilian use. The AN225 was used to transport the Soviet space shuttle, Buran, and was still used up until last year for heavy cargo transport, it was unfortunately destroyed in the ongoing Ukraine war. INI Builds has captured the essence of this aircraft in their simulation, from its massive wingspan to the distinctive six engines that power it.

Pilots who purchase the MSFS/ INI Builds AN225 can experience the unique challenges of handling such a large and powerful machine. With great flight physics and attention to detail, the AN225 is sure to become a favourite among flight simulator pilots.

MSFS have stated that 100% of the funds received from pilots who purchase the AN225 will go toward the cost of rebuilding the real aircraft. 

You can pick up the AN225 on the MSFS store for just $19.99 

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