Microsoft Publishes New MSFS 2024 Trailer

Microsoft has recently unveiled the second trailer for the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, which shows new aircraft, features, stunning visuals, and the long-awaited release date: November 19th!

The new trailer was part of Microsoft's yearly Xbox Game Showcase, where Microsoft announces new IPs and/or teases stuff that was already announced beforehand.

Similarly, the second trailer also shows many activities that will be possible within the new simulator, including air ambulance, aerial advertising, agricultural aviation, air rescue, cargo operations, ballooning, VIP passenger transport, and much more. It also hints at a new airliner: the Airbus A330, supposedly developed by iniBuilds for Microsoft, and a new photo mode.

The pricing has yet to be available, but Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available on the Microsoft Store, Game Pass, and Steam on November 18th. 
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