Microsoft Publishes MFS August 20th Development Update

August 21, 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator developers have released a short development update on their website, the first after the simulator’s official launch earlier this week.

The developers first thanked the users for their continuous support of the simulator and acknowledged the frustration from users who have encountered installation bugs and encouraged them to report bugs/glitches via the support page. A bug-fixing patch is on track to be released on August 27th but in the meantime, check out our most recent YouTube video to potentially solve any installation issues you may have.

Additionally, MFS’s SDK is being updated to bring optimized experiences to third-party developers. “WebAssembly is [also] undergoing active development [...]  to help port existing C++ aircraft”.

A new partnership series featuring Bing Maps is also released with the update. It can be checked out here

The next development update is expected on August 27th. Follow Threshold’s Microsoft Flight Simulator Hub to learn more.

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