FSDreamTeam Updates GSX Pro for MSFS

FSDreamTeam has recently updated its GSX Pro add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator to version V3.0. The update includes new features and fixes, with the addition of seated passengers and a new crew system being the major highlights.

With the new update, users can now see passengers seated within their plane. Initially, only the Fenix A320 has compatibility for seated passengers. The new feature aims to make the cabin environment more realistic. Another new feature is a new crew system, which includes 16 different characters with 227 airline uniform variations.

In addition to the new features, the update also includes various fixes. The full changelog can be found below.

Version 3.0.0

  • GSX Pro MAJOR UPDATE: Seated Passengers, with initial support for the Fenix A320.
  • GSX Pro MAJOR UPDATE: New Crew system, with 16 new different characters, and 227 Airline Uniform variations.
  • GSX (all versions) New: New Boarding/Deboarding voices, in multiple accents and greeting variations depending on Time of the Day.
  • GSX (all versions) New: Parking positions when Pushback has been disabled are indicated in the menu with a "No Push" sign.
  • GSX (all versions) New: Stores the name of the last GSX Airport profile loaded, to support possible integration with 3rd-party ATC products.
  • GSX (all versions) New: Pilots object names are saved to ensure Pilots deboarding on Arrival are the same that boarded on Departure.
  • GSX Pro Change: Couatl Engine and WASM modules recompiled with latest SU15 SDK.
  • GSX Pro Fix: Airplane variation not recognized when going back/forth from the Main Menu.
  • GSX (all versions) Fix: Fixed error requesting refueling when there are issues with the EIA website.
  • GSX (all versions) Fix: Passenger walk-in boarding not working correctly at stands where Pax Bus is set to deboarding only.
  • GSX (all versions) Fix: Prevent error when editing Deicing Areas.
  • GSX (all versions) Fix: Prevent Miltech simobjects from being removed (carriers).
  • GSX (all versions) Fix: Prevent ANSMedia simobjects from being removed.
  • GSX (P3D) Fix: Fixed error with MaddogX.
  • GSX (all versions) New: Added the following Handling operators: Total Airport Services, Trego-Dugan (USA), Istanbul Handling (Turkey), SAS White on Red (Denmark/Norway/Sweden), ABM (UK), Friedrichshafen, Aviation Ground Services (Germany), JTA Ground Handling, AirDo (Japan), Avinor (Norway), CV Handling (Cape Verde), KASCO (Kuwait), TUI Tom (UK), Senai Airport, Malindo Air (Malaysia), Click, Boyaca, (Colombia), Bendigo (Australia), Malpensa Airport (Italy), Novokuznetsk Airport (Russia).
  • GSX (all versions) New: Added the following Catering operators: Viggo (Netherlands), Newrest/Transavia (France), Aerodarat, MASAwana, Caterers, Malindo Air (Malaysia).

The updated GSX Pro is available on the FSDreamTeam website for approximately $37.49.

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