Microsoft Releases Sim Update 13

Microsoft has released Sim Update 13 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, which includes many changes, bug fixes and improvements, and community requested fixes. The main focus for this Sim Update was many small fixes and changes to many facets of the simulator.

The main volume of changes came for the 747-8 and 787-10, which both have received fixes to their avionics by Working Title. Most notably, being the addition of SimBrief integration in both aircraft, as well as the addition of an EFB for the 787. The new EFB also allows for takeoff calculations, which you can send directly to the FMC. Another highly requested feature, step climbs, have also been implemented.

The Garmin glass cockpits have also received improvements and changes courtesy of Working Title. Terrain and Weather Radar improvements have been of primary focus for this update, allowing users to control the gain of the weather radar through the settings pages.

On their September Development livestream, which happened just yesterday, they provided a list of some of the bigger community requests:

You can read the full list of the myriad of changes that Sim Update 13 brings on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums.

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