TOGA Simulations Rolls Out v2.1.0 Update for MU-2 Marquise

May 20, 2023
nobody, apparently.

Cameron of X-Aviation recently has taken it to the forums to address the updates for TOGA Simulation’s MU-2 Marquise update: “This will serve as an official announcement that we have released the TOGA Simulations MU-2 Marquise version 2.1.0 update. All customers who have purchased the MU-2 Marquise v2 up till now have been sent an e-mail by X-Aviation with complete instructions on how to obtain your update. We have made this a very simple process! For those that purchase the MU-2 Marquise v2 from today forward, your purchased download will already be updated to version 2.1.0 for you.” - Cameron.

TOGA Simulation’s MU-2 Marquise update truly amplified its flying experience, setting a new benchmark in the world of flight simulation with its impeccably enhanced performance, and remarkable user-friendly features.

The Patch (v2.1.0) notes include: 


  • Per-window heat and correct Flood/Map Light Switch operation.
  • V12 lighting levels and fixed LIT textures on engine gauges.
  • Improved HSI heading bug functionalities. 
  • Adjusted Instrument Glass Reflection and initialised preferences.
  • Corrected AP pitch trim wheel actuation and TCS/CWS actuation.
  • Improved RMI Hash Marks rotation and RMI needle behaviour.
  • Restored functionality of manual fuel pump.


  • Removal of the Airplane symbol on the HSI glass.
  • Removal of distance criteria for NAV mode engagement.
  • Synchronisation of HSI heading bug between pilot/copilot.
  • Increased landing gear damping constants for XP12.


  • Windshield rain / ice effects.
  • Engine startup exhaust pipe (red glow) effects.
  • New Custom Commands: GPU connection, power lever operation with F1/F2, and controls for AP button, Yaw Button, and Soft Ride Buttons.

In conclusion, TOGA Simulations has once again shown their commitment to providing an immersive and realistic flight simulation experience with their latest v2.1.0 update for the MU-2 Marquise. Addressing previous issues, this patch brings a host of important fixes to elements such as lighting, gauges, and autopilot functionalities. It also removes certain constraints for a more user-friendly flight experience and introduces synchronised features between the pilot and co-pilot's instruments. 

Moreover, the addition of new effects like windshield rain and ice, engine start-up exhaust glow, and new custom commands underscores TOGA's keen attention to detail and dedication to innovation. The seamless process for existing users to access this update and immediate integration for new customers highlights X-Aviation and TOGA Simulation’s customer-oriented approach. With these enhancements, the MU-2 Marquise v2.1.0 is set to offer an even more engaging and dynamic flight simulation experience, reinforcing TOGA Simulation's position at the forefront of this sector. For more information please visit the X-Pilot forums and stay tuned to Threshold for more news.

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