sim-wings Updates Munich International Airport for MSFS

sim-wings recently updated its rendition of Munich International Airport (EDDM) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, addressing a wide list of bugs and making many enhancements, keeping the scenery up to date with its real-world counterpart.

It serves Munich and Upper Bavaria with a yearly average of 47.9 million passengers. 

It opened in 1992, replacing Munich-Riem Airport, which served Munich from 1939 to 1992. It was deemed hard to expand because of the growing number of inhabitants around its proximity, leading to the desire to move the airport to a completely different location.

Construction work started in 1980 in the small village of Franzheim, whose 400 inhabitants were moved elsewhere. Operations began on 17 May 1992, with Riem closing the night before.

It's one of Lufthansa's main hubs, with a comprehensive route network. Condor, Eurowings, Eurowings Discover, and TUIfly Deutschland also base themselves at the airport.

Update 2.2.0 includes many corrected taxiway signs, removal of floating objects, Terminal 2 improvements (improved Lufthansa sign, for example), the addition of a meteorology station near RWY 26L, jetway connection tweaks, and much more. The complete changelog follows below:

1. Bug fixes___________________________________________________________________________________
corrected taxiway sign at "Entry S3"  
corrected taxiway sign from "B7" to "B11"  
removed taxiway sign "B7" at "B9"  
added "Entry S52" taxiway sign at taxiway "B11"  
added taxiway sign "Entry S7"  
changed taxiway sign at taxiway "A8"  
changed taxiway sign at taxiway "A6"  
added taxiway sign "A10"  
added taxiway sign at "A12"  
ground sign "S2" changed to "S1" at taxiway S1  
removed wrong ground signs "W2"  
changed ground sign from "O1" to "E1"  
added two missing "orange striped" light poles at RWY 08L  
reastablished default buildings surrounding the airport  
solved floating ("flying") objects at runway ends  
restored roof details at T1 parking building  
restored missing roof details at T1  
restored missing walls at garage P20  
removed unused jetway connection near T1 construction site  
small texture corrections at type 2 jetway (glass jetway)  
corrected ceiling posts of signs inside T2  
corrected nightlighting of T1 roof reiling  
corrected stairs at T2 Sat  
removed glowing effect during night time at street signs posts   
2. Enhancements and actualisations due to real world changes____________________________
lightpoles near runways changed to "orange striped" color  
added meteo/observation station near RWY 26L  
added one farm at approach  
added fence-barrier at car test drive area close to apron  
added privacy fence at second car test drive aerea  
added vegetation (trees, bushes) to inner airport area and streets  
added connection bridge at fire fighter station building  
added blaster fences at fire fighting station  
added tent at fire fighting station  
added utility building near fire fighting station  
substituted 3D Lufthansa sign at Terminal 2 connectors with more detailed (round) version  
substituted 3D Lufthansa sign at T2 Sat connectors with more detailed (round) version  
changed sun shades at T2 to darker grey color  
changed southern end of terminal 2  
changed northern end of terminal 2  
edited jetway connections (removed posts and substituted with wall connections)  
edited window layout at front of connection buildings (at T2)  
shifted floors at T2 connection buildings to jetway height  
changed longer jetway connections to "glass" types  
added glass type jetway connections to parking pos 205, 208 and 209  
added anti noise (or privacy) wall at T2  
added connection buildings at T1 (Bus gates)  
changed advertising at T2 and parking  
removed parking building P8 at T1 and substituted with construction site  
removed container loader conflicting with new connection buildings (bus gate)  
removed "o2" advertising on jetways  
switched positions of static and active jetway at PP 222  
switched positions of static and active jetway at PP 204  
switched positions of static and active jetway at PP 201  
changed terminal floors to granite tiles  
altered night lighting inside terminals (less bright)  
greener glass at T2 and T2 Sat  
3. Bug fixes of terrain shapes (due to new MSFS terraforming behaviour)________________
restored shape of spotter hill   
restored two dams beneath runways  
restored height of water basins

It's available on the Aerosoft Store for roughly $24.99, requiring at least 4 GB of free hard disk space to install.

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