Preview: Orbx Monument Valley for XP11

Peter Tram
Monday, June 25, 2018

Orbx has released a set of breathtaking images of the upcoming Monument Valley scenery by Frank Dainese, in collaboration with development partner Fabio Bellini. Dainese brings a completely re-done Monument Valley experience for XP11, adding entirely new tech and many new features not previously seen. We've covered the project's introduction earlier, a few weeks ago here when the product was still announced under Frank's own brand.

Monument Valley for X-Plane 11 will be Frank's first product after the announcement that he will be returning to the Orbx team and platform. With X-Plane's version of Monument Valley, Dainese brings a completely re-developed Monument Valley experience for XP11, introducing brand new features and tech that's not seen before.

Monument Valley is one of the most iconic landmarks of the American West, a natural wonder situated along the Arizona/Utah border, sitting in close proximity to the Grand Canyon, and just a short flight away from other well-known destinations such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, Sedona, Telluride and Flagstaff. Known as the backdrop to many well-loved films from the Golden Era of Hollywood, the park is situated within the Navajo Nation and is visited by tens of thousands of tourists each year.

Key Features (MSFS)

  • Twenty 3D mountains modeled
  • Incredibly accurate definition
  • Expertly seasonally color matched
  • Modelled 3D buildings in the area
  • View Hotel, Welcome Center
  • Airport hotels and Goulding's Lodge
  • Autogen housing & local vegetation
  • Various tourist areas & small farms
  • By Frank Dainese

We can safely assume that there will be a longer feature list as the XP11 version will bring new features and experiences. We'll be closely watching this project, more screenshots will be uploaded in the next few weeks.

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