Matt Wagner Interviewed on 'The Mover and Gonky Show'

August 12, 2023
nobody, apparently.

Matt Wagner was recently Interviewed on 'The Mover and Gonky Show'. This was a two hour long video which included a DCS World Q&A. There are some interesting points made in the video so I encourage you to watch the video aswell.

A Broader Scope:
The grand vision is to have a battlefield where ground units can operate seamlessly alongside helicopters and jets. This would mean an immersive experience where users could transition between different theaters of war, each detailed and realistic.

Ground Movement Animation:
One of the focal areas for the Eagle Dynamics team currently is the ground movement for infantry. The older animations have stood the test of time but are now due for a refresh. An updated animation is in the works, promising more fluid and realistic movements, in sync with the advancements in game development technology.

New Additions and Updates:
While some might be disappointed about the absence of Ukraine and Taiwan maps due to their sensitive nature, the future holds promise:

  • Aircraft Additions: The Chinook CH-47F, a glass cockpit version, and the F6F Hellcat are in active development.
  • Dynamic Campaign: A feature eagerly awaited by fans, the dynamic campaign is progressing steadily, though its exact release timeline remains uncertain.
  • Supercarrier Update: The introduction of a Brief/Break room is expected by the year's end.
  • Map Expansions: Although a Korea and Vietnam map are on the horizon, several other map releases will precede them.
  • World Map: A seperate map was mentioned, early stages however they are working on technology to help create a map of the entire world.
  • Orbx: Currently making the Kola map however they might do other maps in the future, nothing confirmed yet.

Media Influence:
The recent release of Top Gun 2 has spurred an interest in DCS modules. The movie's success resulted in a surge of sales for DCS modules, prompting Eagle Dynamics to release the special 'Be a Maverick' pack, which bundled the F-14, F/A-18, and Supercarrier.

Challenges and Solutions:
It's not just about adding new content, but also about refining existing modules:

  • The radars of Hornet/Viper are undergoing optimization to address the lock-on problem.
  • Hornet's Flight Control System and its flight model are currently being reworked to offer a more genuine flight experience.

Potential Future Additions:
Questions have arisen regarding the addition of certain aircraft like the SAAB Gripen or the Rafael. The challenge in adding 4+ gen aircraft is the acquisition of necessary resources. However, with partnerships and introductions, nothing is off the table. There's even been talk about the Flanker being introduced as a full-fidelity DCS module, though data acquisition remains a significant hurdle.

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