MXI Design Releases Mytilene International Airport for MSFS

MXI Design has recently released their rendition of Mytilene International Airport (LGMT) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, serving the island of Lesbos with a yearly average of 300,000 passengers.

Even though the airport was built in the 1940s, charter operations only started 40 years later and continue to this day regularly during summer (only Aegean and Sky Express offer a fixed year-long schedule).

It was privatized in December 2015, with an agreement between Fraport/Copelouzos and the state privatization fund. They will operate 14 airports in Greece for 40 years as of 11 April 2017.

Upon takeover, Fraport had a list of immediate actions to be taken on the airport, which included improved lighting, a general clean-up, sanitary facilities upgrade, service enhancement, and fire safety improvements. 

Their long-term plan includes a new terminal, a new fire station, a new apron, a 185% terminal size increase, and a 29% increase in check-in counters.

The scenery features an accurate rendition of the airport, with an up-to-date ground layout, custom buildings, a basic terminal interior, PBR models, custom parking positions matching real life, 3D passengers, animated flags, and custom surrounding models.

It’s available on SimMarket for roughly $10.72, requiring at least 1.71 GB of free hard disk space to install.

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