Navigraph Launches Community Survey 2023

Navigraph has just launched the sixth edition of their FlightSim Community Survey, asking the community to answer questions ranging from their preferred flight simulation platform and add-ons to the hardware they use and why they simulate, providing a complete understanding of the modern flight sim demographic. 

Averaging more than 20,000 respondents since the 2020 edition, the Survey has become the go-to reference for hardware metrics, given it differs massively compared to mainstream reference data such as the Steam Hardware Survey, which takes their entire user base into account. Focusing exclusively on flight simmers, it provides a more accurate image of the most popular hardware among virtual pilots. 

It also sheds light on the most popular flight sim platform, intent (whether simulating just for fun or training for a pilot’s license), simulation proficiency, and how many of us are real-life pilots. 

The Survey will run for ten days from today (November 17), and the results will be published on their website in December 2023. It is entirely GDPR compliant and fully anonymous, with no personally identifiable data being collected and no redirects. 

Click here to participate in the world’s most comprehensive flight simulation survey!

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