Navigraph Announces FlightSim Community Survey 2022

The yearly Navigraph Survey has been released to the FlightSim community where a selection of questions will be asked based on Partnerships, Demographics, Relation to any real life aviation and much more!

The survey period lasts from today, the 18th November 2022 to the 28th November. It is a 10 day window where flight sim enthusiasts have their opinion on what they want to see in future development.

Take part in the Navigraph FlightSim Community Survey 2022 by clicking here

The questions asked in the survey will be straightforward and will give you an option whether it is optional or not. You have to be honest in the survey as this is the best way developers can get an idea of what people want to see in the future. Questions can range from age, overall income and education levels to what intrigues you about FlightSim and why you spend the hours you do being part of a massive aviation community.

The 2022 survey is one of the largest survey’s of its kind and contains a much more broad selection of simulators as well as newly arose aircraft developers. As we all know Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has seen a massive amount of development since it was released 2 years ago by developers such as PMDG, Fenix Simulations, FlyByWire, Orbx, Aerosoft, UK2000 and much much more. A few months ago Laminar Research had released the Early Access / Beta version of X-Plane 12 which the team at Laminar have been working incredibly hard on to provide constant Beta updates for the users of X-Plane. Again this newly released simulator has seen a massive amount of development from external developers such as X-Works, Threshold, Toliss, FlightFactor, Orbx and many more. This year should give some interesting results due to the recent development on these newly released simulators. Here is a link to last years results where we saw MSFS take the lead, who will take the lead this year? Let us know below.

Unfortunately, Threshold are not shown in the partnerships in this year’s survey.

Results will be announced on Navigraph’s blog in Mid-December, the survey is anonymous and no personally identifiable information is collected, and the results will only be presented in aggregated form.

Again, to take part in the Navigraph 2022 Survey click here!

We look forward to seeing the results!

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