Navigraph Releases Mobile Charts for Smartphones and Highly Detailed Airport Diagrams

Navigraph has recently released the mobile/smartphone version of their recently released Charts 8 update, offering the same feature set as the tablet version but adapted to smaller screens. Charts Cloud, their browser-based version of the application, was also made compatible with smartphone screen aspect ratios.

The Charts 8 update came out in early November 2022, adding worldwide VFR charts coverage, drag-and-drop rubber band route construction, seamless zoom down to gate level, and 3D globe projection. It was developed with an emphasis on delivering a seamless and intuitive experience, reducing the pilot workload during a simulated flight. The new mobile app will allow users to experience said update on Android and iPhone devices.

Along with the new mobile charts for smartphones, Navigraph has also updated the Charts system with highly detailed airport diagrams rendered from the Jeppesen Airport Mapping Database (AMDB), featuring over a thousand airports around the globe. It’s said to facilitate a pilot’s situational awareness by allowing them to view essential references.

The Airport Mapping Database (AMDB) is a set of information on specific airports including their spatial layout, their geometry (taxiways, runways, buildings, etc.), and other characteristics such as runway surface type and slope, etc.

The update is available right now for Navigraph Unlimited subscribers. Click here to find out more about the Unlimited plan and its features.

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