NeoFly V4 For Microsoft Flight Simulator Released

Earlier this week, developers of NeoFly released version 4 of their popular Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on. The free mod unlocks career mode for the simulator where players start their career as fresh bush pilots, working their way toward new careers and new planes .

NeoFly 4 brings an array of free features compared to the previous version. In the new version, players can open and manage their own airlines. For those who looking for more freedom, freelancing is now an option for the players, allowing them to pick up whatever missions they like.

In addition, employee profiles enable players to create new career profiles “as an employee for another profile.” An employee will share the same finances and aircraft with the profile’s owner, allowing players to have greater flexibility in their gameplay. Finally, campaign mode is another significant addition to V4. Campaigns will act as “side quests that [players] can complete at any time.” One free campaign will come with the new version, with more potentially being sold in the future,

Currently, the addon can be downloaded for free from NeoFly’s website. Features such as pilot hiring and airline management, however, need to be purchased for 10 euros each. Users must also download the free SKY4SIM addon to integrate NeoFly with MSFS.

Thank you to Lizard Doggo from Threshold’s Discord server for the scoop.

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