NextGen Simulations Releases the EMB 110 for MSFS

March 28, 2021

NextGen Simulations has released three variants of the Embraer 110 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The add-on includes the EMB-110P, EMB-110P1, and EMB-110P1K.

After months of work, the developer brings the product to MSFS, calling it the “most sophisticated and high-quality rendition ever made of the EMB-110 “ in the simulator.

Included is an “Accurately rendered 3D virtual cockpit,” a modelled cabin,  realistic sounds of the PT6A-37 engine, and more. You can view the full feature list below.

  • Three accurately modeled variants of the EMB-110: EMB-110P, EMB-110P1 & EMB-110P1K (freighter version of the EMB-110P)
  • Frame-rate friendly models while keeping good look-and-feel
  • Fully MSFS SDK-compliant development, featuring native GLTF format, high-quality PBR-ready textures, native rain effects and scratching details in windshield windows and frosting effects in the aircraft structure
  • Ramp Manager EFB with the possibility to animate doors & take control of ground handling equipment
  • 12 different liveries in total between all variants, of different EMB-110 operators from all over the world. More details below.
  • Full use of interactive in-sim checklists
  • Accurately rendered 3D virtual cockpit, with virtual cabin included
  • Custom-coded animations and systems logic virtually everywhere in the aircraft
  • Fully modernized avionics for better modern flight operations, including an easy-to-use autopilot system
  • Authentic PT6A-37 engine soundset plus cockpit sounds, thanks to the full potential of Wwise

NextGen Simulations’ Embraer 110 is available for purchase from simMarket for EUR 29.74.

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