Nhadrian Mod V5.0.0 for Carenado C152II Released

Friday, July 5, 2019

A significant update has been released by user Nhadrian, for his mod to the Carenado C152II V3.2.

Initially ploaded to x-plane.org, the update contains many additions and fixes throughout the comprehensive modification.

The lengthy changelog can be found below, according to the changelog:

  • New particle system and configurable engine silencer in Settings menu
  • New complex cabin windows internal fog plugin
  • New Setup sheet (VR control box and 2D floating windows are removed). To open the setup sheet please use the overhead clickable placard between sun visors or assign a key or button to ‘C152/Setup’ command. Full VR compatible!
  • New sunvisor (selectable through textures when making a custom livery)
  • New elevator trim logic
  • Reworked external light visuals
  • New optional strobe light at wing tips
  • New manipulator for prop, let user spin around the prop during external check by hand and move away from tow bar. (only visual item)
  • New G-meter gauge when Aerobat (roof windows) configuration is active
  • New Garmin G5-like AH over the existing G5 HIS
  • New functional sunglasses
  • New functional control lock on yoke axis
  • Brand new complete FMOD sound package, based on real life sound recordings, created by AudiobirdXP. Now every single item, event and moving part has realistic sound effect!!! – for the best User experience set all the Volume sliders to the maximum in X-Plane Audio Settings and let FMOD plugin do the rest…!
  • Functional Headphones with optional ANR (Active Noise Reduction)
  • Complete implementation of Saso Kiselkov’s librain plugin
  • Fixed rudder control linkage movements
  • Fixed audiopanel button annunciators
  • Fixed GTN650 backlight issue when start in cold and dark situation
  • Fixed Battery switch and Generator switch missing latch logic
  • New advanced weight and CG calculation, actualized weight and balance according to real life measurements
  • New internal panel and instrumentation light system with real volumetric light effects
  • New selectable tundra tires
  • Configuration files are stored apart for each livery
  • New Aerobat livery by Nhadrian
  • New “Bush pilot” liveries by Peter Szabo
  • New internal PBR objects for bush style livery with the support of Propstrike Studio
  • Functional Flight Computer on the dashboard
  • Instructions Manual (thank you for Peter Szabo compiling it)
  • Corrected stall behavior (thanks to Claudio Nicolotti (Nico87) from SimCoders.com!)
  • Headshake compatibility (v1.12.3+ versions)

Nhadrian's mod is a free mod for existing users of the Carenado C152II. The aircraft itself can be purchased for US $24.95, and although is only compatible with X-Plane 10, Nhadrian ensures his mod is fully compatible with the latest versions of X-Plane.

The mod can be downloaded from x-plane.org or Threshold free of charge, but do keep in mind you will need the Carenado C152II to use it.

Installation instructions, as well as high and low-resolution editions, can be found on the download page.

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