BigRadials Releases Nieuport 17 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

August 21, 2021

Up and coming developer, Big Radials has released their second addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Nieuport 17 was announced over a week ago with a good majority of the aircraft already completed, slating the aircraft for a quick release.

The developers did not hesitate to include a hefty feature list, which is always welcomed.

The Nieuport includes many features, some more normalized in the community, but some very unique, in which we chose to share;

  • Working machine guns
  • Animated pilot scarf and streamer
  • Interactive clipboard
  • Includes Missions and Challenges
  • Hidden radio set for IVAO or VATSIM users
  • Speedometer in knots or kmh

Clearly, the Big Radial team did not hesitate to incorporate these unique features into the Nieuport, which will bring a much-enjoyed user experience.

The Big Radials team also has a “Big Project” coming, brewing speculation as the type of aircraft was not announced on the date of writing this.

The developers have mentioned that the aircraft will soon be available on the in-sim Marketplace and Orbx soon, but can still be bought on the BigRadials page for €15.

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