New Gibraltar Previews from Skyline Simulations

Friday, May 22, 2020

Skyline Simulations has published a new set of previews that show renders of various buildings around their in-development Gibraltar airport scenery.

Posted on Wednesday to Facebook, the previews show buildings ranging in size, with texturing applied to the 3D models.

Over the past couple of months, a different aspect of Gibraltar was previewed by Skyline, looking down at the ground. The texturing of hard ground surfaces, such as the apron, runway, and markings added to further previews of the buildings.

Today's images, meanwhile, were simply accompanied by three words: "It's coming together!"

In response to a user asking about its famous rock, the developer confirmed it will be textured from scratch, though nothing much has been shown of Gibraltar outside of the airport just yet.

Skyline Simulations is also in the midst of dabbing into aircraft development. Earlier this year, they showcased completed cockpit modelling in their Dash 8 Q-100, -200, and -300, though no further news of its development has emerged since.

Skyline Simulations is available to follow on Facebook.

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