No Money Mondays: Hong Kong Kai Tak MSFS

September 19, 2022
Artur Araripe
nobody, apparently.

Although it's been 24 years since the last time an airplane landed on the infamous runway 13,Kai Tak is still widely adored by flight enthusiasts all around the globe. Like the closure of Meigs Field, it marked the end of an era. It’s impossible to talk about challenging approaches without mentioning the tricky checkerboard arrival, where a pilot had to fly low, slow, and close to apartment buildings. Pilots were also required to perform a flawless turn towards the runway, managing vertical speed and aiming for the runway threshold; simultaneously. Historically, Kai Tak's runway 13 was one of the most challenging approaches in aviation.

One of the most enjoyable perks of flight simulation is the ability to bring once existing airports back virtually, providing the opportunity to experience the thrill of landing in Hong Kong as it was in the 1990s. What if I told you you could experience Kai Tak for no charge in Microsoft Flight Simulator? Scenery developer ali501 shared his rendition on so that we can all go back in time to simpler days when Avgas and Jet-A guzzling airplanes were not much of a concern. An era long left behind, now to be revived in all its glory.

With a fully modeled terminal, era-accurate static vehicles, and advertisements, it’s quite a throwback. ali501's Kai Tak is the perfect blend of No Money Mondays and throwback Tuesdays! It’s hard not to feel transported back to 1998 when you spot things like the Flight Simulator 98 advertisement or the Motorola flip phone that screams late 90s nostalgia. A trip down memory lane for older folks; and a glimpse into the past for younger people.

Ready to take on the Kai Tak challenge? Download it here; at least 2.04 GB of free disk space is recommended to install the product. Installation is as simple as it could possibly be: drag the ali501-kaitak folder into your MSFS Community folder, and that's it! Stay tuned to Threshold for more freeware recommendations.

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