Northern Sky Studio Releases Waimea-Kohala Airport

November 23, 2021
David Vega
nobody, apparently.

Northern Sky Studio has recently released its latest scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Waimea-Kohala Airport. The airport provides users with a scenic general aviation airport located in a mountain pass in Hawaii, built at a density altitude of 2671 feet, the scenery makes for a highly challenging environment that puts your skills to the test when operating out of the airport.

Waimea-Kohala airport is located a few miles from the town of Kamuela (otherwise known as Waimea), and is home to various facilities that provide locals and tourists with a wide variety of experiences, such as helicopter tours, glider flying or general sightseeing. Moreover, the airport is served by Mokulele Airlines, who is the only airline that operates regularly scheduled services out of the airport.

Northern Sky Studio has done a true-to-life effort at recreating the airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator, featuring the usual suspects: highly detailed models, such as ground equipment, hangars and the interiors of various buildings. On top of that, the developer has spent many hours creating custom orthophotos covering the scenery and its surrounding areas, providing for a highly realistic rendition of the airfield.

The full feature list can be found here: 

  • The most detailed replica of airport buildings and vehicles
  • Custom surroundings 
  • All materials created for full PBR
  • Shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on all airport buildings
  • High-resolution building textures
  • Use of native, highly efficient gITF models
  • Custom orthophoto for the airport and surrounding areas

Northern Sky Studio Waimea-Kohala airport is now available for $14.35 on Simmarket.

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