NV Design Previews Eindhoven Airport (EHEH)

Alex John
Monday, June 17, 2019

Currently in the early stages of development, NV Design has impressed with their previews of Eindhoven Airport's terminal.

The Netherlands' second largest airport when measured by passenger volume, EHEH utilises a single 3km runway, and saw almost six-million passengers pass through in 2017.

The airport will feature:

  • Custom ground textures (taxiways, runway etc.)
  • Auto gate
  • Ground handling VIGGO will be modeled

"We are progressing fast but the attention to detail is not neglected. The level of detail is very high and we would like the airport to look, as far as possible, like the real one. Because of that, some parts last longer than we expected but we are still in time and we expect the release to be in July."

These are the latest previews of the airport. Follow their progress, either through their Facebook page, or through a forum thread at x-plane.org.

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