Navigraph Adds Flight Telemetry, ATIS, OFP Reader to Charts

Navigraph has released an update adding three brand new features to their popular Charts software.

The main feature within this update is the addition of digital ATIS. Users can now go to the “Weather” section within any airport on the map view, and view that airport’s current ATIS, along with live METAR and TAF information. The data for the ATIS can come from multiple different sources, including VATSIM, IVAO, and PilotEdge. At many larger airports within the United States, the ability to pull real-world digital ATIS information is also possible.

Navigraph has also added Flight Telemetry monitoring. This feature allows users to pull current aircraft information from the simulator, such as airspeed, altitude, ground speed, estimated time to destination, and much more. This feature can be personalized within the app, with the ability to pick and choose what information is displayed, or it can be completely turned off if desired.

Finally, the team has added the ability to display Operational Flight Plans from SimBrief. This feature allows users to, according to Navigraph, make their flight planning process smoother and more efficient. This feature even more closely integrates Navigraph’s Charts product with the very popular SimBrief, after being acquired by Navigraph in 2021.

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