NZA Simulations Releases Milford Sound Region for MSFS

NZA Simulations has recently released their rendition of the Milford Sound Region for Microsoft Flight Simulator, comprised of 8 airstrips: Milford Sound (NZMF), Martins Bay Aerodrome (NZMJ), Big Bay Beach Strip (NZQU), Cascade Lagoon Airstrip (NZ31), Hope River Aistrip (NZ32), Hollyford Track Airstrip (NZ34), Cascade Station Aistrip (NZ35), and Quintin Lodge Airstrip (T004). 


The package features an accurate rendition of eight airfields in the Milford Sound Region in New Zealand, with fully 3D modeled terminals, hidden adventure locations, multiple points of interest, 76 animated custom watercraft, custom animal and bird life, biome enhancements, custom water masking, mountain texture improvements, animated rivers and waterfalls, and more.



It’s available on OrbxDirect for roughly $21.86, requiring at least 2.19 GB of free hard disk space to install.

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