Orbx Releases Freeware Fishburn Airfield for X-Plane

January 18, 2021

In a rare gift from Orbx, the developer has released a freeware airport for their customers to enjoy for X-Plane 11, with Fishburn Airfield, located between Middlesbrough and Newcastle.

The airport is their fifth freeware release for the platform, with three fields launched courtesy of Tony Wroblewski all the way back in 2018, plus Clench Common Field (EG20), which debuted in October 2019.

Created by the same developers as Clench Common, Fishburn Airfield "was named as "Airfield of the year" by aviation magazine Flyer in 2004 for its welcoming atmosphere and bacon butties in the recently renewed The Aviator Bistro."

The scenery weighs in at a 1.07 GB download and is compatible with all platforms that X-Plane can run on; Windows, Linux and macOS.

To get the scenery for yourself, simply log in or create an account with Orbx and hit 'add to account'. This will make the scenery accessible via Orbx Central, which must be used to download the airport.

See the product page for Fishburn Airfield here.

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