Orbx Announces Bar Harbor (KBHB)

Jan-Laurin Frey
Sam Clark
Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Scenery developer and publisher Orbx have announced Bar Harbor (KBHB) as their next project for X-Plane. KBHB is a small local airport, which within its busy summer period sees business jets and small passenger flights like Essential Air Service visit its 1,500m main runway.

KBHB was originally created for FSX and P3D but has now been ported to X-Plane 11, as part of Orbx’s ongoing commitment to port all 170 of their ESP platform sceneries to Laminar’s sim. Ed Correia, one of the administrators at Orbx, mentioned that hundreds of hand-placed buildings and helipads are included.

“This truly is the complete package for your first exploration over the east-coast in X-Plane 11. Bar Harbor Airport on X-Plane 11 is a true haven for those looking to indulge themselves in the country flying with beautiful terrain”, he says.

You can find the original post here. There you also can find more pictures of the project.

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