Orbx TrueEarth US Florida: Miami Previews

January 8, 2020

In the first set TrueEarth US Florida previews since the dawn of 2020, Orbx developer Iain Emms shows us around the city of Miami in his employer's first region-based scenery in the eastern United States.

It was revealed in the announcement of the scenery that Miami will be represented using Orbx's "cityscape" technique, first displayed in the brand's Gold Coast package for Prepar3D last year. In X-Plane, cityscape technology was most recently used in TrueEarth regions on the US West Coast.

In today's post, Emms showcases the cityscape in all of its glory, first touring the skyline of downtown Miami and later branching out into the greater urban sprawl.

"Exclusive to TrueEarth US Florida is our brand new Cityscape Miami which has been developed by Frank Schibben who brought you the stunning Honolulu and Melbourne cityscapes earlier this year, says John Venema, Orbx CEO.

"With one of the largest skylines in the US, Miami is home to a variety of breathtaking skyscrapers including the Panorama Tower, the Four Seasons Hotel and Miami Center. Miami is always a visual delight due to the scenic coastal beaches and vibrant buildings."

Orbx's new method of building placement is also included in TrueEarth US Florida, which claims to increased detailing whilst also improving performance over previous region-sceneries from the Australian company.

Here's a look at how all of the buildings are catalogued using the new system.

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