Orbx Publishes Year in Review Message & 2021 Outlook

January 14, 2021

In a rare bit of forums activity from CEO Anna Cicognani, Orbx have said their goodbyes to 2020 with a New Year’s message, plus a look to the future of the company.

“Happy New Year everyone!” she begins. “I wanted to give you an update on what has been happening at Orbx and a bit of an outlook for the next little while.”

“First up, the production team, under Ed’s leadership, has been super busy in the past few months, releasing a number of awesome products, including some of my favourites like Cityscape Sydney, Graz, Newcastle, the more recent Canary Islands for X-Plane from our internal teams (thanks also to Frank, Tony and Holger), and a number of highly detailed and charming airports from our indies, like Burbank, Malmö, Olbia, Göteborg. So many to name, it’s an embarrassment of riches!”

Mention is also made of the group’s UK-based scenery studio, who have had their fingers in many pies throughout the year and currently have a number of projects on the go including a full rendition of Prague’s main airport for Prepar3D.

Thanks is given to two more behind-the-scenes workers too, with Kalum and Alberto jokingly ‘outed’ as those responsible from a number of rebranding tasks completed throughout the year.

Next up is Volanta, which is Orbx’s soon-to-be-released flight tracker – Cicognani had this to say about the new platform: “Our tech team  have released the first version of Volanta. This is still in beta, but will soon be released to everyone as a free platform, with some unique and exciting premium features to come.”

“The team has so much in store for Volanta in the coming months... stay tuned.”

A new partnership series video was also teased with the creators of Microsoft Flight Simulator, following in the footsteps of partner Gaya Simulations in getting a slot in the series. The video should be out on January 28th.

It was also hinted at that Orbx’s physical office at Essendon Fields Airport, Melbourne will be subject of a new scenery covering the field in the next 12 months, as YMEN celebrates its 100th anniversary.

“You may be able to take a sneak peek of what’s happening at Orbx behind that glass on the apron!” says Cicognani.

Orbx finish the year with over 200 products in their portfolio.

“All in all, Orbx has grown quite a bit in the past 18 months. We have more partners on board, strutting their stuff on OrbxDirect and Central. We are very fortunate to have some big names joining us recently in this journey to create the best catalogue of flight sim products there is.”

“Developing for multiple platforms has been quite a challenge, but I want to reassure you that X-Plane and Prepar3D are firm on our radar (no pun intended), as well as - of course - MS Flight Simulator.”

See the source post for this article on the Orbx Forum.

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