Orbx Announces Niš Constantine the Great Airport for MSFS

November 12, 2020

Not long after the releases of San Jose International and Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, Orbx has announced Niš Constantine the Great Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Developed by Rasha Tucakov, Mr Tucakov has aimed to bring more unusual aspects to life such as Soviet-era static aircraft.

“Custom vehicles, GSE, buses and trains are dotted around the airport and city, with the railyards close to the airfield receiving particular attention,” said Orbx on the release announcement.

“Making the most of the new simulator's capabilities, Rasha has implemented new texturing techniques (building on the tech pioneered with Graz and Bryce Canyon) that harness the best balance of high detail and performance.

“Full PBR materials, LOD optimization, sloped runways, dynamic lighting, complete AI integration and custom terrain edits further build upon the latest MSFS SDK capabilities.

“Beyond the airport, an entire city has been recreated. Famous as the birthplace of three Roman emperors (including the airport's namesake), and later as a pivotal city of the Byzantine Empire, the city features dozens of custom points of interest and countless details.

“Explore historic landmarks such as Niš Fortress, modern architecture such as the Hotel Ambassador and tons of incidental models that add a great deal of character to this scenery.

“Special attention has been spent on the approach to rwy29, with all major POI visible on extended finals recreated.

“With a beautiful (though complicated) approach over surrounding mountainous terrain, and just a short flight to classic Orbx destinations such as Belgrade, Rijeka, Pula and Dubrovnik, Niš Constantine the Great Airport heralds the first of several exciting new destinations from Rasha Tucakov for Microsoft Flight Simulator!”

There was no mention of price or a release date, though Orbx has historically released products not long after their announcements, be it a few days or weeks.

Many more screenshots can be found on the original announcement.

Orbx recently announced their intentions to dab into the flight tracking side of flight simulation with the announcement of Volanta, which aims to rival other services such as projectFLY and SimToolkitPro.

More information about Volanta is available to read below.

Orbx Announces Olbia Costa Smeralda for MSFS
Orbx Announces Olbia Costa Smeralda for MSFS

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