Orbx Announces First TrueEarth Washington Airport: Anacortes (74S)

Alex John
Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Last month, Orbx released their latest TrueEarth scenery for X-Plane 11: Washington. With more than 237,000 square kilometres of coverage, the area includes many landmarks, 3D models and much more throughout.

But one key feature was missing: airports. That changes today with the announcement of Anacortes, a region in the Pacific North-West.

"Anacortes airport itself is the perfect base of operations for your island hoping [sic] adventures; capable of accommodating your favorite GA aircraft at the welcoming San Juan Airlines FBO. Featuring beautiful modelling and texturing, the airport is perfectly situated for short hops to many of your other most-loved destinations, including nearby Darrington, Skagit, Israel's Farm, Orcas, Friday Harbor, and of course the many airfields in the Seattle Metropolitan Area."

The region includes five places to take off and land to, as can be seen below:

  • Anacortes Airport (74S)
  • Skyline Water Runway (21H)
  • The airstrip Allan Island
  • The helipad Burrows Island Lighthouse
  • The helipad Anacortes Island Hospital (WA02)

"As well as hand-placed autogen, explore over a dozen landmarks and points of interest, dispersed amongst stunning 7cm, 15cm and 60cm photoreal imagery. Be sure to check out the nearby Deception Pass Bridge (perfectly suited for your low-flying adventures!), as well as the many coves and inlets dotted around the coastline. The scenery seamlessly integrates with TrueEarth US Washington and uses 7cm, 15cm and 60cm photoreal imagery."

The airport will feature:

  • Ultra-detailed modelling and texturing
  • Extended coverage area including City of Anacortes and surrounds
  • 2x bonus airstrips & 2x additional heliports
  • Highly-detail static aircraft local to Anacortes
  • Ultra-detail Deception Pass Bridge
  • Hand-placed autogen vegetation and buildings
  • Over a dozen local landmarks and points of interest
  • High detail ground poly with sloped runway
  • Painstakingly colorized orthoimagery at 60cm, 15cm and 7cm resolution
  • Seamlessly blends into TrueEarth US Washington
  • Excellent performance, optimized for your favorite aircraft addons
  • Original airport by Jarrad Marshall, expertly brought to XP11 by Turbulent Designs

The scenery will be available for AUD $32.95 (approx. GBP £18.00 / US $22.80 / €17.95) from OrbxDirect. Existing users of 74S for FSX/P3D can get 40% off, and Orbx Libraries must be updated to version 1.6.1.

For additional screenshots of the scenery, you can see the announcement post here.

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