Orbx Releases Idaho’s “Not So Deadly 3” Pack for MSFS

Orbx has recently released a new set of backcountry airstrips: Cabin Creek, Wilson Bar, and Marble Creek, all in Idaho. The “not so deadly” name alludes to the previously released - and much deadlier - Deadly 3. 

Cabin Creek is in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, with an airstrip surface susceptible to water and prop wash erosion. Measures were taken to minimize water erosion, such as installing water bars, but it hasn’t mitigated the erosive effect of prop wash. It’s a 1,750-foot-long dirt strip, requiring proficiency in mountain flying due to the challenging nature of the surroundings.


Wilson Bar is a simple turf strip with 1,500ft of total length. It is very close to the MacKay Bar airstrip and their campground.


Marble Creek has a 1,160-foot-long bumpy strip, with soft sandy soil for the first 400 feet on runway 4, followed by large bumps that reduce braking effectiveness. A hill on the south end of the runway will make it hard to land on 04, and runway 22 is over a large hill. It’s short, challenging, and surrounded by tricky terrain.

Developed by Milo Taylor, who also made the Deadly 3 and McCall Municipal Airport, the pack features three landing spots with varying degrees of difficulty, with an extensive vegetation library, new animated animals and birds, new effects, and more.


The scenery is available on OrbxDirect for roughly $12.77, requiring at least 1 GB of free hard disk space to install.

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