Orbx Previews Stockholm-Bromma for Microsoft Flight Simulator

May 2, 2021

Orbx has taken to their forums to preview more images of their work-in-progress Stockholm-Bromma scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The package will feature both the airport and the city, with Stockholm featuring more than 100 points of interest, aerial imagery and more.

On its original announcement in late January 2021, Orbx developer Marcus Nyberg stated that “Bromma Airport has been built to the highest standard and with no detail spared, as well as an updated Stockholm city with over 100+ custom POI's, crisp colour-balanced custom aerial imagery as well as various other upgrades that brings the city to life”.

A brief features list was also provided, shown below:

  • Bromma Airport in exquisitely detailed 4K depiction
  • High-detailed 4K textures, with a majority featuring PBR and normal maps
  • Stockholm City with 100+ incredible POI’s, giving a lot to explore
  • Beautiful hand-coloured custom aerial imagery for the entire Stockholm city area 
  • Sloped runway
  • A stunning representation of the airport surroundings with an incredible amount of detail, including the old hangar area that now serves as a shopping centre
  • Developed in collaboration with Bromma Airport management 
  • Incredibly detailed 3D modelling and texturing

 “An incredible amount of work has also been put on making the final approach over Bromma to be as spectacular as it is in real life” the development team adds.


Orbx hasn’t set a specific date to be the release date. However, the scenery appears to be near completion along with Orbx’s comment “we are getting closer”.

For more information and previews, the original source can be viewed on the Orbx Forums.

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