Orbx Releases Volanta 1.6

Orbx has recently updated Volanta to version 1.6, bringing new features, improved functionality, bug fixes, and more.

It adds a new playback function, allowing users to “replay” their flight path, the ability to filter the flights shown on the map, design improvements on the map settings panel, aircraft icon changes, new languages (including Chinese and Romanian), and more. The full changelog follows down below:


⦁ Added playback controls for past flights! Flights can now be "replayed" in Volanta at various speeds with an intuitive timeline-like navigation experience that marks key events such as landings.

⦁Added the ability to filter the flights shown on the map

⦁ New and improved map settings panel design

⦁ The map will highlight products that are nearby during a flight

⦁ Select between stable and experimental plugin release channels

⦁ Improved downloading of airport data

⦁ Closed airports are noted in tooltips and information cards

⦁ Airports now have local time and country information

⦁ The open/closed status of an airport is now considered when a destination is being automatically selected based on a landing

⦁ Product recommendations for the user's active flights' origin and destination have been added

⦁ Many new aircraft icons have been added

⦁ Language translations have now been included, such as Chinese (Traditional) and Romanian


  Volanta v1.6 has a lot of updates to provide the greatest user experience:

⦁ FSS controller labels have been fixed (no longer crashes into area controller labels)

⦁ Controller tooltips will function even when an approach ring is present in the same location

⦁ Enroute controllers now appear on the airport’s controllers page

⦁ An airline can now be eliminated from an aircraft

⦁ The flickering radius circles for approach controllers when hovering over them have been fixed

⦁ Tooltips no longer scroll with the app

⦁ Screenshots can now be seen on the map

⦁ Volanta Premium Subscribers can sync with Orbxdirect

⦁Users can select area controllers even when the labels are displayed in the same place as an approach controller radius ring

⦁Controller tooltips are no longer shown when the controller layer is not visible

⦁Fixed an issue causing enroute controllers to no longer appear in the list of VATSIM controllers on the airport card

Volanta is available for free on their website.

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