Orbx Releases Volanta

January 30, 2021

nobody, apparently.

After being available in an invite-only beta since October, Orbx has now released Volanta to the general public.

If you weren’t aware, Volanta is a flight-tracking app similar to that of projectFLY or SimToolKitPro; however, the add-on contains many exciting features to assert it as a unique product.

One of the most noticeable features of Volanta is the addition of VATSIM air traffic control information, allowing the user to view FIR/UIR boundaries as well as showing all online ATC available at an airport such as tower, ground, approach, and more.

Another addition is what Orbx calls “Intelligent tracking,” which allows Volanta to automatically track a user’s flight. “Our tracking automatically starts - no more taking off then realizing that you forgot to start tracking your flight! You can then just fly from your origin to your destination.”

The addon also keeps track of the user’s aircraft, no matter where It’s located. “Each unique aircraft has its own location, flight history, and accumulates flight hours (along with many other statistics).” Aircraft are also automatically generated when a flight is started, which removes the process of having to manually add one before every flight.

Friends have also been included with the release of this product, and “clicking on a friend in your friends list gives you easy access to a plethora of statistics on their profile. See their total number of hours, number of flights, distance flown, and their detailed flight history all from one place.” You can view the full feature list on Volanta’s website.

A paid version of Volanta will be available in the future. However, no information has been shared by the developer on the potential features it may include.

You can download Volanta for free from their website.

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