ORBX Release Landmarks Brisbane For XP12

ORBX, a leading developer of flight simulation software, has announced the release of "Landmarks Brisbane" for X-Plane 12. This highly detailed add-on package brings the Australian city of Brisbane to life in stunning realism, allowing virtual pilots to explore the city's landmarks and iconic locations in incredible detail.

The package features highly detailed models of over 100 of Brisbane's most famous buildings and landmarks, including the Story Bridge, the Wheel of Brisbane, and the Queensland Cultural Centre. Additionally, the package includes high-resolution textures, custom-designed autogen, and accurate night lighting, all of which combine to create a truly immersive flying experience.

According to ORBX, the package has been developed using the latest in 3D modelling and texturing techniques, ensuring that the city of Brisbane is depicted as accurately and realistically as possible. The package also includes a range of custom-designed Heliports.

The package is now available for purchase on ORBX's website and is compatible with X-Plane 12. Virtual pilots can purchase the package for AUD$19.34

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