Orbx releases EU Great Britain South

Orbx has recently announced the release of their final addition to the Great Britain Trio scenery. This latest release covers the southern region of Great Britain and includes over 700 highly-detailed landmarks. The coverage area ranges from Nottinghamshire to Cornwall and includes the Cliffs of Dover and more. These scenery packages are perfect for sightseeing and are crafted specifically for low-altitude VFR flights. They are an excellent tool for learning the landmarks and sights of Great Britain. 

Some notable features include tours and missions of castles, churches, and historical landmarks, among others. Orbx has also incorporated animated animals across the scenery fields and farms, and helipads throughout the coverage area. They have paid close attention to the custom night lighting, based on real-world images, to provide a more immersive experience. 

The EU Great Britain packages will be fully compatible with World Update three, which coincides with the Great Britain North and Central packs. The current price of the Great Britain South pack is 19.56 AUD, ~ equivalent to USD $12.70. Orbx offers the entire package of Great Britain for $64.42.

EU Great Brittan South can be purchased here through Orbx

Check out the entire pack here at this link via Orbx.

As of this writing, 11/16 Orbx is offering "Orbs multiplied by 2x during the EU Great Britain South for Microsoft Flight Simulator promotion. Offer ends on 18 November 2023 at 23:55Z".

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